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El-Omari whatsapp group. Basma, Fadwa, Hana, Majdi, Ram, Samir, Zeya...
Forwarded message with image about covid pcr from Nevine
Reply to photo sent by Samir by Nada with heart eyes emoji and yellow heart
Various messages from Fadwa, and Basma in Arabic
Youtube link from Majdi. Conversation in Arabic about dinner.
Postcard collage with starry purple background. Three yellow rectangles, a 'Place Stamp Here'
Brass bowl

At night, under the stars and by the shore, we always name things in our languages, and translate them into the next. Like a line of words loosely pulled together into new fields of meeting places. When you say goodnight, I hear notes of exhaustion and when I say congratulations you hear thumping onto loved surfaces. I remember looking around at a room filled with animated voices singing trebles, smiles and laughs and discussing a meal, idea, story and wave. We’re teaching each other now, sitting by our own reef so that someday we remind others, under the night sky, of what a shooting star might say from across your land and mine. Sahtain, enjoy your gathering and lala salama.

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