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Do you notice each window you pass by? I remember when, you used to play at jumping

out and tried to make your way onto neighbouring balconies. We’ve often found windows that make us pause, make us look more closely, and make us yearn and remember. There are ones that used to slide up high and across the yard, body half hanging, we could yell out your name and be sure you’d always respond.

But there are new windows, ones you’ve taught me to cut and

solder together because as you’ve always said: there’s no better way to see than through your own and filled with the most colourful memories. Thank you for the glass, we’ll make sure to look with you always.

Whatsapp group chat called 'El Hobl' with Hana, Zeyad, You (Nada). Figuring out PCR for a trip. Gif
Zeyad: Maybe he's gonna use it as an excuse to not go to Egypt. Nada sent meme "vegans on Eid"
Hana sends tik tok and 2 second voice note. Nada replies, asking about birthdays.
Hana replies. Zeyas describes his birthday spent at Lake Tahoe.
Nada send photo of morning sky, intense cause of wildfires. Zeyad says pretty, waking up at sunrise.
Nada talks about Carine isolating, getting Maqlouba recipe from Amto. Hana sends photo of Maqlouba.
Zeyad sends photo of the Maqlouba Hana sent earlier being flipped.
Text replies
Text replies about maqlouba
Zeyad sent a voice note of him and Elena.
Hana sends another video of Maqlouba
Nada wens photo of her Maqlouba with text 'maqlouba week' Zeyad says 'Maqlouba all day everyday'
Brass bowl
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